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A gathering place for coffee people.

From craft to commercial, Agora is the glue that binds them.

Your trusted partner For Green Coffee

The global coffee market is in a continuous state of environmental, political, and social change. You need a partner who understands, and anticipates the challenges on both side of the supply chain.

We help origin suppliers and coffee roasters of all sizes form lasting partnerships based on their individual needs.

From small cafe owners, retailers, artisan roasters, traders, and world explorers looking for unique micro lot coffees; to large coffee multinationals with automated roasting plants and highly trained commodity traders – Agora can help.

What we Offer

We provide unparalleled access, information and expertise for coffee roasters of all sizes.
Each relationship is bespoke. And each deal is hand crafted just for you.

Extensive Origin & Market Access

Our tightly knit network of coffee producers and exporters gives us the ability to source many different types, qualities and quantities  of coffee –  from unique microlots, to commercial containers.

There’s a deal for you. We’ll find it.

Deep coffee knowledge

Collectively, we’ve spent decades exporting, importing, roasting and marketing coffee. On top of that, we field a continuous flow of information from our partners across the supply chain.

There’s a big picture. We know it.


We have pooled our own resources and expertise with that of our partners. The result is a consistent and reliable service that is expected by our suppliers and customers alike.

There’s a lot at stake. We get it.


Miguel Salazar

Founder & President

An 18 year veteran, Miguel began his coffee career in 2000 with the Colombian Coffee Federation in New York. He quickly gained an extensive knowledge of coffee production and exportation; while at the same time forging lasting relationships within the coffee roasting community of North America. In 2008, after 8 years with the CCF, Miguel entered the world of green coffee trading with Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, and later with Sucafina. These days, he is leveraging his extensive expertise and diverse network as Founder and President of Agora.

Phone: (973) 567-4495
Cell: (646) 280-0005

Kevin M. O’Reilly

Senior Trader & Business Development Coordinator

With more than 30 years under his belt, Kevin got his start as a member of Balzac Brothers & Company, Inc. As a trader in the family business, Kevin was involved with quality evaluation, physical procurement and business development throughout North America. After 25 years, Kevin accepted a role as V.P of Coffee at Mitsui Foods, Inc. In 2012, having gained valuable knowledge of the global coffee industry, Kevin joined Olam Americas, Inc as a Senior Director of Commercial Coffee. Now with Agora, Kevin handles operations, sales and procurements throughout the global coffee market.

Phone: (973) 567-4496
Cell: (843) 819-7709

Alice Hineline

Green Coffee Trader

Alice has over a decade of experience in specialty coffee, starting as a barista in college and working her way up to roasting and green buying. Eager to continue learning all things coffee, she took the leap to green coffee trading in 2015. With Alice’s ties to California and the Midwest, Agora will have a broader base in the US, tirelessly connecting roasters and producers. Today, Alice’s main goal is to aid in the quest for long lasting and sustainable relationships on all sides of the specialty coffee industry.

Phone: (858) 261-4002

Phone: (973) 567-4495
Cell: (646) 280-0005

Phone: (973) 567-4496
Cell: (843) 819-7709

Phone: (858) 261-4002

The Partnership Model

Every participant in the coffee market has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Yet we all face challenges and seek opportunity.

Agora is committed to creating and supporting partnerships, locally and in origin countries, that contribute to the growth of every person in our supply chain.

In this way, we are able to provide the service of a large multinational conglomerate, while maintaining the personal touch of a small, privately-owned coffee company.

This is the foundation on which Agora was built.

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